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Of Zouk & being blur-to-the-max

Had a fantastic time last weekend :D {Sorry for the late update DJ :P}

Thursday night went to KLCC with Erin to meet up with Mag (my close friend from KK) and Khai (a friend from Brunei). Had dinner at Signatures (the food court at 2nd flr) – had a too salty Fettucini Carbonara.

Then went to The Ascott service apartments to have some drinks in Khai’s room – cans of beer and glasses of Vodka Kurant + coke. Khai already drunk (coz he was drinking the whole day) and us gurls were juz getting started

We walked down to Rum Jungle to drop Mag to meet up with her colleagues. And Erin & I went to look see. It was filled with lots of pakciks makciks older people (more guys than ladies) and the DJ was kinda lame. Music was kind of old school oso lah

Those girls behind (I kno you guys concentrating on them) are Jim Bean (a type of whiskey – correct me if Im wrong) promoters. Red and white tight leather tops & skirts

After that, Khai, Erin & I proceeded to Zouk for Ghetto Heaven @ Zouk Mainroom. Ladies went in free, but cover charge that night was RM35+ 2 drinks of house pouring liquor or beer or coke not to sure about mineral water as some “malaysian actress” claim she was drinking. Khai had (yet another) beer and passed me one of his drinks coupon so i had a shot to tequila (on top of my 5-6 glasses of vodka kurant+coke). Felt deliciously tipsy – the greatest feeling in the world when clubbing.

Was there about 11.45pm and was dancing from 12.30 till 2am. Straight! Lucky was not wearing heels. hehe!! DJ goldfish and Tbone rocked the house. I was waiting for my song *beep* (by BEP) which they FINALLY played at 2am. hehe!! after that went back home.
Went to KLCentral to meet some people then decided to go window shopping at KLCC – popped into a few shops…i lurve looking at stuff in Kinokuniya..wana buy new books!! Went to go see the new Sony mp3 player…nice la (but im still eyeing my iPod nano). [Blur Case ONE]Then i thought I had this dinner at Ikano at 8pm so I rushed from KLCC to Ikano to book a place before i realized that it was actually the next day. Fuck! Dammit….so i took a bus back to KJ before goin back to KLCC to watch movie. I kept thinking that it was Saturday. Coz i was out the whole day lepaking – a typical Saturday activity.

Reached KLCC kinda late, around 10pm, most shops were closing. But was hungerii so we went to eat at San Fran Steakhouse. Didnt know what to order so ended up ordering Clam Chowder soup (nothing fantastic), Wild Mushroom soup (not nice & the cinnamon makes it taste weird) and Lamb Shank (mash potatoes were good but the lamb had this smell and tasted yukky. The secret recipe one is yummier!). All in all, what we had was nothing fantastic. Oh, the bill was tho. Should have eaten at Chinoz, nicer food.

Wanted to watch Triston & Isolde but someone didnt want to watch love stories so we watched Final Destination 3. The beginning part was slow…but the dying part (which everyone was waiting for) was gory. ew ew ew~!! FD3 was not much different from all the other FD movies.
Was sooo blur on saturday.

Blur case 2
Sent someone off at Putra bus station then dropped by at PWTC to go see Mag who was working at the MATTA fair. She was in the Sabah booth (btw anyone who wants promotions in Sabah, do tell me, i can get you in touch with her) which was on the 3rd or 4th floor. So I went all the way up there then got stopped.

Lady : Can i see your ticket please?
Me :huh? what ticket?
Lady : You have to have a ticket to get in
Me : How much eh? and where to get?
Lady : RM3, buy it downstairs

Then i had to go down all the way, line up to buy a ticket, then go back up. Had a good talk with Mag while she had lunch. Was soo nice talking to an old friend

Blur case 3
Supposed to go meet Khai at BB so took the Star LRT to Hang tuah then take the monorail there. Im not sure how…but i managed to miss the stop to hang tuah. When the train stopped, i juz looked out the doors but didnt get up to go out. Was dreaming i think at that time. Had to stop at the next stop and go back…haha!

Went back via the Dang wangi which is nearby to the Bukit Nanas monorail (yep, the one rite outside Hard Rock) then came back, took a shower & dumped my laundry into the washing machine. Havent been doin laundry for almost 2 weeks…am running out of underwear. LOL!

Then went to Ikano on Saturday evening (the right day this time) and lepak at Starbucks for a bit talking with the waiters (but din order anything…haha) before goin to the Gathering

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