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Old flames and rejected guys

…old flames…

Flames of lurrve that is. I mentioned in an earlier post that I used to really like my guy best friend (4-5 yrs) until he did something (indirectly) to cause trouble to my family. I havent seen him for a year now. And i dont really keep in contact with him online because i found him irritating.


He was sooo nice to when i finally met him on the 30th. He didnt look for me for the past 2 weeks i was in KK but that day he paid for lunch and was the only one who sent me to the airport. I have this feeling that if i stayed longer in KK, we would probably end up together. I feel as if the bond is (was?) still there.

…rejected guys…

I totally got the shock of my life today. There’s this guy i met online who, after a couple of weeks chatting and meeting up once, claims to “love” me & sends lotsa smses but i rejected him. Then he said he wants to commit suicide, coz life is not worth living, bla bla…he said he threw his phone away already.

Then i was chatting with him early this morning at around 3 am and he told me he drank “pereput makan” (what is that?!? i assume its some sort of poison) and he hasnt eaten/drank for 3 days. He said he feels sick, his eyes blurry and it might be his last day.

Then suddenly, he started typing nonsence. then i got a message saying “kwn u pengsan. naper ngan dier nie? mulut dier berdarah” and i answered “antar dier pegi hospital, dier cuba bunuh diri tu.” Then i went offline and went to sleep

then this morning (ard 9 am) i got an SMS from his number saying “Cik tahu no ini siapa? utk pengetahuan pihak cik, sekarang tuan phone ini telah dimasuk dalam ICU. Apa bila pesakit ini sedar(6 or 14) pihak kami akan menghubungi cik. pihak kami juga memerlukan nama dan no ic cik untuk membuat pendaftaran pesakit.Ini kerana tiada no dan alamat lain selain no pihak anda. Sila sms nama & no ic ke no ini. Terima kasih”

my reaction was “huh?!?!” *mata terbliak besar*

im my groggry-juz-woke-up state, i smsed my name (but DIDN’T give my IC num of coz) and his name (i only kno his first name) and asked which hospital is he in. No reply tho.

Oh well, i dont really care. Now i sound like a cold-hearted biatch. LOL! for all I kno, it could be a scam.


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