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On the road again…

On the way to Seremban
Road trip

Sorry I havent been updating for a long time, been busy on the road. As you can see from my previous post, I’ve started working. Im a simultaneous (sp?) translator for this research company so I have to translate the conversation between the interviewer and interviewee from BM to english.

The disadvantages of this is that I have to be really fast to translate the conversation to english and they dont really give me time between sentences to do that. The advantages is that the pay is rather good (im earning in 3 days what Pam earns in a month :P) and i get to travel…and travel I do jet-setter la konon.

I had to take a road trip to Seremban on Thursday. Was at JW Marriot in KL at 8am before we set off to go to Seremban after stopping near Mint Hotel to pick up more team members. At first i wanted to snap pics of my trip and my first day at my first job but then because we were moving around with the clients, I didnt feel its professional. The picture at the top is a rather boring view of the road trip to Seremban.

What i brought
Reading materials, notebook, wallet, sweater

On Friday I had to fly off to Penang. I was soo tired because even tho i took a nap Thurs evening, I actually went out clubbing and didnt get to sleep before I had to rush to KL Central before 5.30 so I could check in there and take a ERL to KLIA for my 7.30am flight. Only grabbed a few things (as seen in the above pic) to take on my day trip.

Penang was sooooo blooody hot!! And i didnt get to eat penang char kuay teow :( or nasi kandar or any penang delicacies. Rugi, but then again im there for work, not a holiday. Oh my job was much easier in Penang because two of our three interviewees could speak excellent english. Oh our flight was delayed tho :( and the Penang airport was soo boring and uncomfortable.


Got back kinda late because I met up with a chatter who’s working at KLIA and we had a little bit of coffee and talked for a while. Then i had to rush to the ERL coz i had to take an LRT back home to KJ.

Last Tuesday, I had to go down to JB. I took a smarter way by staying over at my frens place near KL on Monday night and checked in at KL central monday evening after buying my ERL to-and-fro ticket. So I didnt have to get up as early as last friday (i was supposed to get up at 4.30 so i ended up not sleeping). I got up at 5.45am, got ready and caught a cab to Central then had to wait for the next ERL to KLIA. I got there juz on time, it was already calling but there was still ppl who juz started to go into the plane.

For lunch I managed to have Nasi padang. It was yummylicious, i especially loved the chicken curry and the sambal belacan. Sedap ooo. I think im improving on my translation now that I’ve had lots of practice :D

Am soo tired now due to lack of sleep the past few days. so Im goin to call it a night. Chalo~

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