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One day before Phuket

Had a slight drama this morning (around 3am). Aree texted me saying “Holy fuck i just checkd my passport xpired! Mcmana ni?!” and then she rang me up before I could reply to her text. We went around asking people how long it would take to make a new passport. And found out that it takes about 24 hours to process and complete. So as of now (8am) Aree is currently at Pusat Bandar Damansara doing her passport. Hope it gets done in time because our flight is 12 something tomorrow.

Omg I can’t believe we’re actually flying off to Phuket tomorrow. The plan today is Pam is flying in from KK at around 3pm-ish. Such a jet setter that girl. Then she’s coming to pick up her car and off to a meeting.


Aree pula is going to be stuck in immigration – and we all know how long those lines can be. Then she has some errands to run in the afternoon. Then we’re going for last minute shopping at the curve & then dinner which would be joined by Pam. Then the girls are coming over to my place to sleep over.

My plans? Sleep (coz I haven’t slept since last nite) then tonite pack. LOL! Totally last minute.


I took a peek into my passport after Aree’s expired passport drama – even though I knew I renewed it in dec 06 (coz we were supposed to go to Vietnam but tak jadi). Damn i look so hungover in that pic, with eyebags and swollen face. Eh, come to think of it, I WAS hungover when I took that picture.


Omg..what to pack? What to paacckk??


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