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One more day to deadline….

Had 9 am class…then the head lecturer for my faculty told me that I had to drop my C Prog class and take the “Essentials of IT” class. So i went to settle my additional & dropped subjects. Den ate lunch – fish & chips – which were yukky today….like they use old oil and too much batter….blek!!

Lepak-ed in the library with erin after dat. She brought her laptop so managed to go online – got wireless in the uni mah!! :P {makes me wish i had a laptop…i even considered selling my desktop but finally decided not to}. I wuz actually on blogger this afternoon and wuz halfway posting a blog before I realized i had class in 10 mins. So went to meet up wif Alexis & Akil in the canteen and they both so lazy to go to design class early…so we went in like 1.50 pm…even tho class started at 1.30 pm {the quiet gal in class i mentioned a few posts ago – cassandra – so smgt sms me at 1.30 reminding me..hehehe}. The lecturer juz started the first points when we came in.

Den after dat i managed to take d 3pm bus and met mom in KJ LRT station. then we picked Gladys from tuition & i wanted to go eat Chocolate Marshmallow Cake in Secret Recipe so we went to 1Utama. Unfortunatly, they ran out :'( so we ate crispy Crepes at The Crepe House. I ate my fave – Banana Parfait (RM 5.40) – a thin, crispy pancake filled with sliced banana, chocolate syrup & peanut butter topped with whipped cream….sinfully delicious!! *smack lips*

Den went window shopping…but I bought a black turtleneck (less than RM30) from The Reject Shop..so nice :) mayb wana wear it to class next week…ehhehe! Also bought a new conditioner for my hair…coz im using my sis’s one (Clairol Herbal Essences) but it makes my scalp itchy :S So I bought a small Pantene one to try….

In the evening, my family went to eat seafood. Seafood SO expensive here lah! We at prawn crispy mee (with like 3-4 BIG prawns) and 2 BIG crabs cooked wet-butter-prawn style. And baby kailan and 3 bowls of Rice…and dat amounted to RM113 !!!!!! *eyes pop out* Dats y la…i wanted to eat Nandos but nobody want to listen to me :/

Oh ya, i met Shirly Tay in 1Utama, she looked the same as the last time i saw her – 2 yrs ago…she’s studying in KDU now…nearby only :)

Lastly, the meaning of the title today…I finished my first draft for my sample website for this company Im hoping to work with (refer 2-3 posts ago). still got the whole day Thurs to perfect it. Im glad im 80% there! hehe :) after I email it in then I’ll post a link here :)

Well, i guess dat’s it for now :) Its like 3 am but im not sleepy yet…why??? ehhehe….
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