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One Night at Laundry

I went for a late dinner (around 10pm) for some good Arab food in Al-rawsha restaurant with Bobby (he used to always comment on my blog before) – a friend who I’ve not met for some time. Mixed grill and bread. Yums! Their portions seemed bigger than previous, so we were both oh so stuffed. We had a good time catching up. Lain kali buat lagi ek?

Around 12.30am, on the way back, I texted Aree asking where she was and the girls were all hanging out in Laundry. So with my jeans, simple shirt and flats I headed down from Ampang to Laundry bar and illegally nicely parked my car at the hill before entering the entrance.

Apparently there was more then just the girls – there was Fariz (who was in KL for the weekend and going back to Johor on Sunday), Ayman, Jazzy, Sam (Ayman’s friend), Sindra, Elaine (Aree’s friend), Kaduk (Aree’s Sarawakian friend) and of course Pam (who just came back from a nasi lemak session) and Aree.

A bottle of Smirnoff Red vodka and some RedBull was half finished and waiting for me. After polishing that one at around 2.30am and we continued upstairs at Sanctuary with another bottle of Smirnoff Red. At this point Aree, Pam & Jazzy left to Aree’s place. At 3am the club closed and we were kindly asked to drink outside. LOL! So we ended up drinking outside in the dark with a bucket of ice and two bottles of mixers and chit chatting.

At 4am we were asked to leave. LOL! With 1/4 bottle of Smirnoff Red left, we decided to go to Ayman’s hse to continue drinking after picking up a bottle of Absolut Pear from my hse and Coke from 7E. So yea, basically we spent the whole nite drinking. Fariz, Elaine and Sindra went back earlier but Kaduk and I slept over at Ayman’s coz I promised to send Kaduk back to Mt Kiara the next day. Finally left in the afternoon.


Lots more pictures in my facebook here.


  • Gerald

    Who usually pays for the bottles at bars/clubs? I’m wondering if I should chip in to pay for a share of the bottle, or usually there is a designated “generous guy” in a group who picks up the tab?

  • IcedNyior

    Well Gerald, usually we would talk about it before opening. Eg: “Hey should we share to open a bottle?” That way we split the cost equally. However, in my case, I have generous friends and someone would usually open a bottle. I usually contribute when we have house parties tho, coz I usually get mine duty free at airports = much much cheaper then in clubs

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