One Of The Guys…..

For years I’ve been pursued by a certain kind of guys. Guys who fancied someone I knew, guys who wanted to pout their little hearts out all over me, guys who wanted me for one thing only – friendship. For years I was flattered by all this male attention. I honestly thought it meant I was popular with boys and we all kno how important that is, right? And yet, come weekend nights it was my friends who went out on dates while i stayed at home sitting in front of the computer, travelling thru cyberspace.

I wasnt lonely. I had plenty of friends. Most of them guys. “Don’t kno how u do it,” my girl friends would say to me. “Guys really like you, dont they?” I’d smile and feel proud but underneath, something didnt seem all nice and cosy.
(Adapted from CLEO Nov 04)

Reading that was like reading my life story.

For the past 8-9 yrs, I hardly had any close gal friends. I was the one whom guys felt comfortable with, the one they came to with their probs, the one who chilled with them talking bout footie & games, the one that helped pick out presents for their gal and more often than not, the one that played “matchmaker”.
Their girlfriends would envy me for having so much in common with them. In one extreme case, I was (unknowingly) the cause of a fight coz the gf was a lil jealous (!!) sensitive biatch

Perhaps moving away was a good idea. Starting over is always a good thing right? Bad thing was, Im not as close to my guy best frens as before coz guys are lousy at keeping in touch!.

I remembered when I moved from KK to KL in early 2004. It was so sad. The farewell dinner was okay…till the part J sang and the words were so meaningful I almost cried {almost only! i never cry in public}. Den one of the aforementioned guy best frens actually cried over the phone before i left {he really caught me by surprise there…..[Joe: mcm kekurangan sifat-sifat kelakian kan?]}. That’s how close I was to my guy friends.

Perhaps i really am privilaged that I can say that I have been considered “one of the guys”.
However, that has lotsa drawbacks as well……..


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