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Online Shopping

Lately I’ve got some people asking me about how I do my online shopping. Well there are three ways I generally do it:

1) Buy from auction sites such as eBay or Lelong

2) Buy from forums like Lowyat.net or MalaysianBabes.com

3) Buy from websites overseas

I notice there is still that worry among the ppl about getting cheated. Something like “how if I pay and I never get the item?” Well ladies and gents, there are certain policies that ensure you will have a safe and secure transaction. For eBay there’s a point system and for forums there’s a tradelist of some sort to show the previous transactions.

Personally I like buying online because its so very convinient. Transfer the money via online banking or Paypal and just wait for the item to arrive. Plus, some websites even have discounts and promotions. Sometimes you can even use promo codes to get a better deal.

Ah..everything at our fingertips.

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