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Out with the girls

I finally quit my moping around at home and went out on Wednesday. First was tea with a guy friend with whom I’ve been postponing meeting coz of time constraints. Then I met up with Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Ayman & Taufan at Empress Cafe, Curve. I had a bottle of shisha. Wee~ shisha makes me happy :P Then lepaked and chit-chatted with Pam and her friends at Idaman till around 2am plus.

On Thursday we woke up and Aree came over and we had lunch at this nice place in KJ that serves N9 food. Sedap (no pics tho coz we were starving and instantly attacked the food). Then we went over to Bangsar for a pampering session – threading my eyebrows which looked totally bushy and wild and also cutting my hair at PeekABoo which is getting way too long and heavy. Didn’t do much to it, just trimmed it 2 inches and layered it. But I love this new hairstyle, lighter and easier to maintain i think.

That night we painted the town red by deciding to club in Ghetto Heaven @ Zouk. Met up with Jazzy and Ayman there. Taufan also stopped by for a bit. It was just us girls (and Ayman) and it was fun. Not to mention that girls get 2 drinks free and pam gave me hers so I was downing 3 tequila shots on top of 1 jug of Long Island Tea and some Vodka lime.

Went home kinda early, chit chat and had a smoke of the good stuff (lol!) before drifting off into dreamless sleep. Two solid days with the girls has really rejuvenated my spirits. I love you babes >:D<

Pictas! Surprisingly we didn’t take a lot. I was too busy drinking to take and the others were too busy enjoying themselves

More in my facebook album here.

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