Packing & moving

On Fri, woke up around 11 am then went to Midvalley by taxi and walked around, bought two baby tees from Jusco then had a bun from Bread Story (“Bread Pitt” – bun with mushroom+garlic+cheese) for dinner. Then took the bus back, packed a little before falling asleep while packing around 10-11 pm. Sat & Sun was a whirlwind of packing, moving and unpacking. So tired.

On Sunday, I went to Starbucks Low Yat at 4pm to go online. Actually I went to Times Square Starbucks first, but they had no wireless so wasted my money only buy a cake there. But the Crème Cheese Brownie was nice la :P That night, Mag & Pris belanja dinner at Spitfire grill which was really nice. The owner was like mengorating Mag. Lolz

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