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Tutorial: Pacmee – Malaysian Twitter

Hey guys! Tuesday again, time for another tutorial. Was my last tutorial about spoilers helpful? I hope so. Sorry couldn’t upload this post earlier, my internet was down because my modem got electrocuted after the heavy rain yesterday.

Edit : pacmee can only be used for hotlink/maxis users. Boo!

Have you guys noticed the newest addition to my sidebar on the right? Its under SMS Updates. That small widget is updated via SMSes from me about my current updates. Meaning I don’t have to be physically in front of the PC to make my update. Cool eh? Let me teach you how to get one

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with Twitter – the free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send “updates” (called “tweets”) via SMS or IM. However, for us Malaysians, its quite expensive because each SMS sent is to an international number and so we are charged with international prices. Ah but now I shall introduce the Malaysian version of Twitter called Pacmee.

All you have to do is register by typing in a shoutout message and SMS it to the number 22700. Then you’ll receive a code which will be your temporary password. Then point your browser to and you will see something similar to the screenshot below. The right side is where you log in with your phone number and code. The left side is all the public shoutouts made by people, you should see the one you just wrote somewhere there also. Don’t worry, you can set it so that it doesn’t show on the main page later.

malaysia version twitter pacmee for malaysians cheap SMS update

After registering and filling in all the required information (don’t forget to set a new password!), you can adjust the privacy settings to not show your shoutouts in the main page, upload a photo of yourself, change your profile and of course, get the HTML code to put it on your blog.

There are two types of widgets, one is like the badge widget which i’m using. Its the perfect perfect to put on the sidebar of your blog/website. The other type is a bar widget which you can put on top of all your posts so that people can read it. Its what I’m using in my facebook profile. Oh, i forgot to mention earlier, you can even put pacmee on other social websites like facebook, myspace, friendster and more.

It all boils down to the important question, How much does it cost? Its RM 1 only for 20 messages to the system. So that means its about RM0.05 per SMS. Cheap huh? It deducts RM1 from your phone credit/bill and everytime you send a message, you’ll get an SMS informing how many messages you have left. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can also send shoutouts via their website. However, your web shoutouts are also counted as messages and will be deducted from your account (unlike Twitter which is free).

malaysia version twitter pacmee for malaysians cheap SMS update

To keep track of my updates in your pacmee page, sms ON ICEDNYIOR to 22700. Cheaper than voting for your favourite idol/singer/dancer/whatever-reality-show-they-have-on-now. LOL! Have fun!


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