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Pangkor Trip – Day 2

This is a long overdue continuation of Pangkor Trip – Day 1. If you haven’t read it, head over here.

The next day we were up bright and early around 7.30am. Oh wait, let me rephrase that. I had to wake everyone up bright and early by yelling and shaking everyone. Goodness, you can’t believe how hard it is to wake some ppl up. Its like im yelling “Wake up! Wake Up!” then Tau…err…someone says “ok ok” then promptly starts snoring again. Haha!

morning blues Specky creature group pic outside resort

We had a long day planned for today. We were going on a boat tour and snorkeling at 9am. After being suited up with life jackets (that was big enough to fit around our tummies), we hopped into the boat and was brought touring around the beach and lagoon. The snorkeling site was on a smaller island just off the shore so we were deposited there and planned to stay for around 3 hours.

in d boat jef & i the 3 masked divers

I ditched the life jacket when I went into the water because it was such a hassle. I got natural floating ‘device’ ma….Haha! Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see at the snorkeling site. The water was murky and the fishes were small and not that colourful or unique. Plus there was so many people and the boats keep cutting through to get to the beach. We just snapped a few photos then it started drizzling :( So we called the boat and got them to drop us at another beach which had white sandy beaches and bars alongside the beach.

snorkeling site

We played around in the water – chasing each other, trying not to drown in the waves, and jumping off each other shoulders. It was fun. Pam instantly settled into a hammock underneath some trees and took a nap. The rest of us proceeded to bury Nik in the sand. Then we turned him into a transsexual mermaid. Then while i was lying down on the cool sand under the shade of the trees, they proceeded to bury me instead and I got turned into some macho man.

nik buried in the sand me buried in the sand pam by the beach

Our packed lunch was brought for us at the beach, so we sat at the bar at the side of the beach and had our nasi campur. Then after lunch, we had the bright idea to go on a banana boat. So Taufan, Arai, Aree, Nik, Ariff & I tong tong to ride the banana boat – RM15/person. It was totally fun, but the ride was a bit short – the duration of the ride that is :P

banana boat

After that, Ariff, Nik and I took a walk down the beach towards this nice lagoon that Jef and Ariff went to earlier during the day. OMG it was sooooo gorgeous, with clear blue water and a (literally) WHITE sandy beach. We went crazy snapping photos, swimming, playing with water and skinny dipping. Haha! It was really great, we hung out there till 5pm-ish.


We finally started walking back at 5pm. Upon reaching we found everyone else deep in sleep, snoring away. Apparently they went back around 3pm and went straight to bed. When i took a shower, thats when I realized how tanned I was. I was chocolate red – due to the fact that I didnt reapply sunblock.

For dinner, we had this fantastic, fantastic BBQ Seafood FEAST. I mean like literally a feast. We had bbq fish, fish with chilli, chicken wings, sausages, fried meehoon, fried rice, stingray, crabs, cockles (kerang) and soup. My mouth still waters remembering it. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

bbq feast
after makan party babes ariff and i

After dinner, we watched the game on TV with the guys. Then Pam, Aree, Craig, Gladys, Arai & Ariff wanted to go to the bonfire at that bar at the side of the beach but Nik, Jef, Taufan & I wanted to sleep early so we split ways.

Day 3 (last one) coming up soon….

More photos of Day 2 HERE.


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