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Pangsun Trip

ko org buat apa last weekend? I pegi berkelah ngan budak2 chat KL2 kat pangsun. Pangsun is this place somewhere near Sg Congkak (i think) and before the empangan sg langat or something like that. LOL!

Anyway I was at KJ at 8.30, waited for my fren (cd) to take the train together to setiawangsa, waited for 2 more frens, then waited for another friend. I naik jaja’s kancil with cd and off we went.

Reached around 10 something with me sleeping at the back seat all the way there and pasang our tent (to change in) and lay out the mats on the grass. It was so hot and the water was so tempting. An icecream man came and we got some icecream. After a few more friends came, we hit the water!

A few hours later, some more friends came. Then a few hours after that even more. All in all there were 16-17 of us spending time eating, swimming, laughing, resting, repeat. It was supposed to be a potluck so some people brought KFC, nasi lemak, nuggets, sausages, meehoon goreng, sandwiches. So much food for so many people.

The only drawback was that the water was kinda deras and the rocks were a bit sharp so all of us had scratches here and there and i got this huge bruise at the bottom of my left leg. But it was a great trip!

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