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Paper Crafting

I have this hobby. Its creating papercraft. I wrote about this before I think. There’s something about cutting and pasting and creating models that I just like. I can do simple things from a hexagonal shape to something really complex like a japanese castle. It actually depends on my mood.

Not to mention that I’m also a student. Better at typing out assignments in my computer then writing it out with pen and paper. My collage gives us a printing card which allows us to print 500 pages a semester but sometimes I feel that it’s not enough.

Both of these things involve loads of money spent on paper and ink. So I’m always looking for ways to save on printing – like printing in Draft mode – or at least find places where they sell cheap ink cartridges.

I’m using a hp deskjet which I got for free when we bought the family computer – which was a HP desktop computer – and one black ink cartridge costs RM50-60 depending on where I buy it. There are so many different types of printers in the market now – deskjet, inkjet, laser printers, etc – which can be rather confusing. There’s even the all-in-one types like Brother multi function printers.

My solution to my printing problem? I usually get my dad to print it in his office. Especially if i want it in colour. Hehe

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