Party @ Sugar (and James Blunt?)

After a long two weeks of exams and staying at home, we decided to go celebrate our freedom and holidays by partying \:d/

Aree came over to my place around 9-ish and we waited for Pam to come down after her Puteri UMNO meeting…lol!. Then we had a session of berdandan and makeuping and looking for hairpins and hair mousse and finally left the house at 10pm. Went to idaman to have western food – it really cheap and quite sedap there. Unfortunatly Aree ordered mushroom soup and nasi goreng pattaya which never came even after I finished my lamb chop and Pam ate half of her chicken chop :-w Kesian si aree, in the end she shared food with pam.

So we reached Sugar before midnight (free entry for ladies before 12) and order two jugs of Long island (buy 1 free1 for rm70) – “make it strong” we told the bartender >:). LOL! Aree and Pam were happily dancing away and scouting for all the hot victims guys.

Soon after Jazzy came with Aymen (her bf) and Yang (her male hsemate). It was jazzy’s birthday last nite (which i just found out) so we all wished and hugged her >:D<. It was a really fun night, the selections of songs weren’t as good as usual tho. Aree met a few of her frens frm Bayu Puteri and they invited us to a BBQ this Sunday. Yey!

There was a bit of a panic last night when pam got an sms from an unknown number saying something like “Cik <pam’s name> dah mabuk ke tu?” and she was worried that it was her cousin who would report back to her family. Finally we found out that it was a fren of mine whom she didnt save his new number. Hehe! :))
Met a few really nice guys – and one really gatal and mabuk malay guy who wasnt good looking, had to ignore him b-(. We went to Lotus after to makan. Aymen drove Jazzy’s car while Aree, Pam, Yang and I were in Aree’s car with Yang in the driver’s seat. When we stopped at a traffic light, there was a proton car next to us with 5-6 guys and they were looking at Yang and looking very impressed. They wind down the window and said “you’re a lucky guy :)>-” to Yang. Haha!

Went back home around 5am-ish (I think?). Thanks Yang for sending us back :) Ur such a nice and sweet guy :X


From Left: Jazzy & I – Aree, Jazzy, Pam – Dancing – Pam & I – Waiting at the steps of Crowne Plaza – Lepaking at Lotus

Oh yea I forgot. Guess WHO we saw at Sugar??


So Cute kan!! Ahhh :x


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