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Paypal PowerUp Event Rude Email. WTF!

If you’re a paypal user in Malaysia, you would have been happy to know earlier this year that you could link your Maybank debit card to your Paypal account. In fact, I wrote a tutorial (click here to read) that proved useful for quite a lot of people.

A few months back, you must have been even happier to find out that you could withdraw Paypal funds to your Malaysian bank account for a minimal fee if its under RM400 and free if its over RM400.

A few days ago, you might felt surprised when you received the email below from Paypal inviting you to RSVP to the Paypal PowerUp Event – (afaik) the first ever event Paypal has organized for Malaysia. Finally Paypal has decided to acknowledge its Malaysian users – majority of which are bloggers/people who make money online.

paypal power up party

I personally RSVP when I got the email, then realized I would be outstation so I emailed them back and canceled my RSVP saying that I would NOT be able to make it.

Then yesterday I was annoyed to get an email from Paypal about their PowerUp Event:

paypal powerup party

This line – Please do not make arrangements to come to the event as we’ll not be able accommodate your attendance – was just so downright rude! I’ve been invited to many events and this is the first time I have been told “please do not come”. And all this after I RSVP-ed saying I’m NOT coming.

Appreciating Malaysian customers? Yea right!


  • ejam

    mmg bunyi kurang hajar…dah rasa macam larangan terus tak payah datang…
    sabau yer…
    kau tak rugi apa2 pun, diorg jer yg rugi coz tak berpeluang jumpa kau yg chantek dan comel nie…kan..kan..

  • Geert Desager


    I wanted to personally respond to your frustrations regarding our KL event and the fact that not everyone who RSVPed is able to attend. First of all, please accept my sincere apologies if our email appeared rude as it really was not our intention to be so. To be frank with you, based on previous member events which we have held in other countries, we truly did not foresee such an overwhelming response, and unfortunately, that has led to our being unable to accommodate everyone who has RSVP’ed. Our concern as such was to ensure that the event did not become overcrowded to the point that we would have been unable to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests. As such we were forced to make the very hard decision of turning away a great many of our members.

    Nevertheless I can appreciate your frustrations and for that we can only apologise and hope that you will understand that it was not a deliberate decision on our part, but a very necessary one regardless.

    I hope that you will be able to understand and again please accept our sincere apologies for this.

    With kind regards,

    Geert Desager, PayPal Senior Marketing Manager, SEA

  • IcedNyior

    Hi Geert,

    Thanks for your response. I understand the fact that you have to turn people away. In fact, don’t blame you guys for it. There has been times that event coordinators emailed me saying that the RSVP list is full – which is perfectly understandable.

    The issue for me was the way the email was worded. The 3rd line of the email was rather rude in my opinion. If it was written differently, im sure it would not have been an issue.

    But thanks again for clarifying things. I (and Im sure many others) appreciate it.


  • erin

    Hi Greert,

    Thank you for ur explanation. I agree with icednyior’s comment about
    the rudeness of the email, and would like to add that I also heard that
    paypal’s event co has known since last week that there are insufficient
    places, as invitations were sent out to 200 over of ur merchants, and almost
    all agreed to attend this event. But our rsvps were met with complete silence,
    Which led to everyone assuming an invite is now confirmed, and only 4 days
    before the event do we receive an email (rude one too!) telling us der r
    insufficient places, causing us to hv ady cancel other events.

    My gripe is that the rsvps could’ve been handled better. I do hope these feedbacks
    Will be put into consideration for future events.

  • mrkay

    What ever the explanation from PayPal, i still say the one who wrote the email was failed PR subject in Uni and PayPal make BIG MISTAKE because they hire him/her. They can think more polite word to ask people not to come to event, and yes, they should not send that email a few days before event. I think this email make me hate PayPal and planning to leave PayPal.

  • Daniel

    Is a good thing I didn’t bother signing up for it. Though at least there was a representative of Paypal who came and clarify the situation.

    Though I wonder at how wonderful their English is on that letter

  • yapthomas


    “Nevertheless I can appreciate your frustrations and for that we can only apologise…”

    Geert, please! I think you just have this standard reply to every single person or blog or whoever. “…we can only apologise…”.

    Is customer service dead?

  • ray

    me and my friend went to the event, and all of us won some cash prizes ranging from 80-140.

    They say they will credit it into our paypal account but until today all of us havent received any of it yet..

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