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PC Fair 2008 Weekend

I went down to KLCC on Saturday morning. Even after Aree, Jazzy and I were partying till 4am. Ib came over at 10am and we went to KLCC :D Met up with some of the guys for brunch then went over to see the blogger guys at Starbucks. Photo credit to Danny (I edited it a bit).



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PC Fair was utterly packed! Meh! Now I remember why I’ve avoided it for the past 1-2 years. I could hardly walk around. What more with the people all harassing – offering ‘antivilus’, ‘stemix’, ‘waimax’, ‘cledit kat’. Yea, thats how they pronounced it.

See the crowd! Picture credit to DanielK @ Critically Acclaimed

Oh, there was this guy promoting credit cards and I said ‘takpe, student lagi’. Then he said “Betul ke student lagi?”. WTF! I said “I tak nampak mcm student ke?” Meh! What I look old?

Didn’t buy anything tho. Oh wait, I bought a tub of CyberClean because I really do like that stuff. Sticky and good for cleaning small things. There are lots of nice laptops. The Dell XPS looks nice. Wish I had money to buy all the stuff :(


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