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PC still not working

PC still not working ….i think it has something to do with the graphic card not transmitting properly or something. I’ve opened my CPU case and nothing is lose. Goinna send it to the computer shop later today. I cant stand it using my home computer…it’s too damned slow. I’d type 6 words before the letters all start appearing one-by-one real slow.

It’s the holidays…been back for 2 days. Did nothing but sleep, eat and go to toilet. Gotta make up for all the hours of lost sleep….ehhehe…But i’m bored, bored BORED!!!

juz today, my fren juz called me up for a chat but then she suddenly wanted to hang up 5 mins later…i asked why..she said “oh, my bf is going online” then she put the phone down…sheesh

and yesterday, when i called a fren out of state to ask for help bout my pc…all he could say was how much he missed his gf. He actually sounded like he was about to cry (which was really sweet, i think) but he wasnt much help either.

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