Perempuan Bermata Hijau

{P/S: Does the topic look a bit familiar Joe? LOL!!}
Wearing my new green contacts. In case u guys didnt realize, i already had contacts a long time ago, but only normal ones. Now i’ve got coloured ones
My face looks really weird here!!!!
Close this shot, it’s pretty obvious….
With green makeup, special request from Omar
{See, i do pay attention to my readers’ wants :)}
Green Eyes Looking At me between the bushes in forest deep


  • IcedNyior

    mayb i should take a before/after pic coz this contact lenses I got mmg not very ketara. But compared my normal eyes wif this, its different. Later la..when i charge my cam battery

  • Anonymous

    cayalah Coco. Thanks for the pic upon my special request, walaupun nampak warna hijaunya cuma kat di kelopak mata coco. Agaknya gambar tu dari dekat sangat, matanya tak nampak hijau sangat. Ni kena modeling lagi sekali ni Coco. Ambil gambar dari jauh sikit baru nampak agaknya mata coco yang bertukar warna hijau tu :). Take care and later .


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