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Phuket – Day 1

**This is part 1 of a three part series on my trip to Phuket. Read about day 2 and day 3.


We were up so early to catch our flight at 1245. Went to Coffee Bean for a morning dose of caffeine then waited for our Airasia flight AK 872 to Phuket. The flight was rather uneventful and we were all very sleepy. Finally arrived at Phuket airport and the immigration line was so bloody long.

First impressions of Phuket = hot! As in like dry heat hot. We were picked up by our driver who brought us to our guesthouse T Terrace which is located near Patong Beach, about 45 minutes away. The most ironic thing about that ride was that he decided to entertain us by playing a video of the recent tsunami. I mean like WTF! We want to go on a holiday there and you’re playing that depressing tsunami video? Luckily he changed it after about 15 minutes to video clips of some thai singer/band who dresses like Santana.

Checked in then decided to go walking around Patong. Our guesthouse is located slightly off the main road, there’s a small alley to walk in. Its also very convenient with 7-eleven nearby and also a pub, a massage parlor cum hair salon next door and restaurants all within walking distance.

That night we decided to check out Bangla Road – a road lined with bars and pubs and shops – the place where the nightlife is most happening in Patong. On the way we passed by this new shopping mall called JungCeylon. The great thing about Patong is that everything is within 10 minutes walking distance.

We decided to chill at this Bar/Restaurant called Bar Savoey (at least I think that’s how it’s spelled). The cocktails are soo cheap there! Only 140 baht (around RM14) each and non of those watered down stuff like in KL. We were in drinking heaven.

Bought some stuff from a lady who was walking around peddling her wares. Got 2 cute beaded bags for my sisters back home. Aree bought some jewelry and Taufan got a necklace with carved beads. Then we bullied him by getting him to buy us orchid leis. So wangi! Then we got him a flaming lambo.

On the way back we got hungry so we stopped by this nice place which had a British, Colonial feel to it with white furniture. Had pizza, spaghetti and sandwiches. The shops all close really late here – which is great coz all of us are night creatures.

Got back to the hotel a bit tipsy but happy. For more pics of our first day, click HERE. Will write more in my next post…

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