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Phuket in 3 days

Some updates before talking about Phuket:

I had a very scrumptious seafood dinner last night (Sunday night) with him. We were so hungry and ate kinda late – some time after 9pm – that we ordered lots to eat. We had 2 crabs cooked sweet and sour, big butter prawns, sizzling taufu and bamboo lala fried with chilli.

Pictures? None. Well, for one thing, we were so hungry that we were halfway thru before remembering to take photos and my phone also decided to hang on me and the few photos that I took disappeared. Oh well, you had to trust me that the food looked and tasted delish. Plus it was quite reasonable at less than RM100. Tenkiu for the dinner :*

sexy black triumph swimsuit

Managed to shop today for a swimming suit. The swimming suit I wore to Pangkor is so old and unflattering. I think I bought it when I was in KK. I even remember that I bought it from the Parkson in Karamunsing – which is now a dead “shopping center”, much like summit, but worst. Anyway I bought this black sexy one from Triumph for like RM180 + 1 free goggles. I think its a good investment since I probably buy swimsuits about once in 10-15 years.

Yey! I’m off to Phuket in 2 days. Since we are planning to travel on a low budget, I’m only bringing about 600 ringgit. RM150 is going to be for accommodation and the rest spending money – tours, makan, shopping, etc. I don’t think its going to be much of a shopping trip tho, my friend says that Phuket is rather expensive. Then again, we’d never know what will catch my eye.

I seriously don’t know what to pack. I prefer to travel light but sometimes I over pack because I have this thought “what if I need this?” or thinking that perhaps I might need something in an emergency. Washed all my shoes a few days ago – been a while since I washed my shoes. LOL! Plus, I probably need to do laundry tomorrow to wash everything that I want to bring to ensure that I have enough clothes – especially underwear. LOL!

Im sooo looking forward to this trip. Its going to be my first trip overseas without my parents. I’ve been to Bangkok and Bali before with them. Planning to savour as much of Phuket as we possibly can – the sights, sounds, food, shops and nightlife.

On the downside, I’m not feeling in the pink of health the past 2 days, having flu and slight sore throat. I’m drinking lots of water and taking lots of rest before the big day on the 31st. So pray for my health so that I might be in the best of health before I go.

p/s: My food blog, Zestful Eats has been updated. Oh, notice the new theme? Yea, got bored by the fact that Hariz & Hafreze and so many others were using the previous theme. So I’m using this theme, at least till I get bored with it too :P

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