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Phuket Trip – Day 2

This is part 2 in a three part series. Read about Day 1 and Day 3.

Our second day there was a lazy day. At first we thought of going for a tour around Phuket which would cost us RM120 each and would take 10 hours. But after thinking about it again, we decided not too because 10 hours was taking up too much of our time.

We took time to explore Patong instead. Woke up mid morning and walked to JungCeylon for brunch. We had sandwiches, paninis and soup. The paninis were fantastic, but soup was lousy. Then we split up. Taufan & Pam went to Patong beach for drinks (yep, alcoholic drinks in the afternoon) and Aree and I went to explore the shopping areas.

First we walked around JungCeylon and then we walked down Bangla Road. Patong is quite quiet during the day, especially down Bangla Road. The ‘day’ only starts in the late evening around here, that’s when all the tourists come out and the shops all open. I guess its because the afternoon heat is so bloody unbearable.

Aree and I stopped by the plaza at Bangla Road and got some henna tattoos done. After that we stopped by this roadside stall and bought Thai desserts and brought them back to the room. Relaxed for sometime before heading out for dinner.

Fan got himself busy looking for Thai chicks so we split up once again. Fan doing his ‘manly business’ and the three of us gurls went to look for some food. We ended up at Safari Restaurant which was right beside Patong Beach. The food was nice but oh so expensive. Bill came up to around RM300 – we had oysters, duck fois gras (liver), fish and chips,1 fried fish with chilli sauce and 1 sweet and sour fish. Oh and lots of cocktails. The oysters were huge, about as big as my palm and the fish was really big too even though it was just a ‘small’ one.

After dinner we walked back to the guesthouse where we rounded up with more cocktails. Aree even had a go behind the bar to make her Borneo Sling, a yummylicious concoction of Sprite, Beer, Tequila, Vodka and god knows what else. It was born during one of my birthdays where we had lots of liquor and decided to test mixing it all up.

Had an early night because we had to get up early for our cruise to Phi Phi Island the next day. More pics HERE.

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