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Phuket Trip – Phi Phi Cruise

**Continuation of my Phuket Trip. Read about Day 1 and Day 2 **


After a quite relaxing and leisurely day in Patong, we took a whole day cruise to go Phi Phi Island and island hopping. We had to be up bright and early, because the van came to pick us up at 7am. Then we were brought to the jetty – about 40 minutes away. Boarded the boat not long after.

We sat in the front of the boat (i think its called the bow) to get some good tanning. The sun was so hot but the breeze was fantastic. Great time to take a nap – that is, if there is enough space because there was so many people that it looks like a kapal pelarian.

Our first stop was Coral Bay where we had an absolutely fun time snorkelling and wading in the water. The water was soo clear you could see all the fishes. There wasn’t really much of a beach tho, only a high cliff. What I didn’t like was that there was sea urchins so when you get to the shallow part, you have to make sure u don’t accidentally step on those balls of needles.

Then we went island hopping to visit the different little islands off the coast of Phuket. We also visited Maya Bay which was the shooting site for Leonardo DiCaprio’s flop movie – The Holiday. Everything was so serene and gorgeous. The water was clear, the wind was cooling. Ahh..everything an island cruise should be.

We had about an hour to laze around in Phi Phi Island. Omg the beach was sooo gorgeous. White sandy beaches, blueish green water and of course all the hot, sexy, topless hunks! *drools* I brought a bag of Phi Phi Island sand back home for him because he likes to collect sand from places around the world – “If I cant go there, you bring it back for me” – easiest souvenir ever! plus its free. lol :P

We came back around 5pm, very tanned and very happy!


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