At World’s End : A Review


Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End is the 3rd movie after the original Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. It is scheduled to come out tomorrow. A few companies organized gifts and competitions for this movie but I didnt participate in any.However, I knew cineleisure has shows from 9pm onwards. I dropped by cineleisure after lunch and bullied forced belanjad invited Afdzal to go watch this movie with me – and also go buy the tickets earlier – hopefully around 9.30pm. It was around 4pm and all the tickets were sold out (minus the front seats but of course who wants to sit there) except for the 12.30am show.


After some debating, we decided, oklah we go see the 12.30am show and took the couples seat coz its at the back and has more space (and is the same price anyway). I was a bit surprised at the price tho, RM12. Thats pretty steep for Wednesdays but then again it was the opening day or premiere of a new movie. So he picked me around midnight and we went down to cineleisure, got a popcorn and we went to watch the movie.I was so smgt to sms Evie to ask if the movie was good, coz i tot she was going to watch the night show today. But apparently she was only goin to watch tommorrow and was about to sleep and hv sex (her words not mine). Hehe! I threatened to sms her every 5 mins tomorrow to tell the story.


It was the first time I watched a midnight movie here and I was quite dissapointed by the service. Coz firstly, when they started projecting, the film was blur (but only the intros like the THX and Dolby Digital adverts), lucky it was all right when the movie actually started. Then secondly, the movie suddenly stopped in the middle with a blank screen and all the lights came on and those hotel-lounge-intrumental-music came on which was really potong stim i tell you! Summore it was at an interesting part. Demmit!

So yea, the following is my review and might hv some spoilers (ok in some cases, i kinda forgot names so just describe them)…click SHOW


In this movie, we see the British Armada still trying their best to kill off every pirate. It opens with some hanging and all of them (the people about to die) united by singing a pirate song. The British also controlled Davy Jones (that tentacle guy) because they had his heart.The (former) crew of the Black Pearl – the witch, the dead-but-brought-back-to-life captain, Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner want to look for Jack Sparrow because they needed the Black Pearl and also because he was one of the head pirates in the world.

So there is this organization of all the top pirates in the world (there was 8-9 of them) who wanted to meet up and decide the next course of action. One of which was to try and bring back Calypso, which was the fierce goddess of the sea, which was bound to human form so that the seas would be calmer and the pirates will have an easier time.

Jack Sparrow was not dead, but rather sentenced to Davy Jones Locker, a place where there was nothingness, but his ship and white vast plains and Jack was getting to be rather crazy coz he saw multiples of himself. (personally i hated this scene, too boring and too bloody long)


So how did Jack get rescued and what did the pirates do to face up to the British? I guess that’s up to you to go and watch the movie to find out!

Rating : 4 of 5 stars!


  • Mr Moody Caressen

    o0o0o. sudah tgk alredi ehh … baru nak ajak ;)) huhuhu.
    errkk… i forgot a question i wanna ask u. :-|

    Iced Nyior: Is the question “are u free to watch movie and hv dinner at Chillis this weekend?” the answer is YES! still got other movies what}

  • evie

    hahaha you evil laydeh~!! Weh, dun have to spare all the info i gave u la, hahahaha cisss…. sial tol woman nih… :P

    Iced Nyior: muahahaha!

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