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Playing Unreal Tournament in class

Its been about 2 weeks since I started my final sem. Class so far has been so-so, lots of cancelled classes, one or two missed classes, some classes which lasted only 30 minutes – which is super frustating because it takes me 30-45 minutes to get there (almost 2 hours to and fro).

But the classes this year are fun (well except for that class with Mr H which is a bit boring). We’re doing Character Modeling using 3dsmax & then we’re doing Virtual Reality using Unreal Editor. Yep, the editor for that game Unreal Tournament. First half of the class was spent playing UT. Haha!

Last week, he took 2 days of work to spend time with me. sweet I know :P Lots of laughing, talking, eating (well especially the eating), walking around, watching movies, watching DVDs and starbuck-ing (as usual). It was fun.

Speaking of fun, I’m going out with Pam and the gang tonight at Frangipani so see you guys around. Have a good weekend!

p/s: Vote? Vote? I’m underaged and unregisted. LOL!

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