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Last week, before I went for my weekend trip to Melaka, boss passed me a promo disc of Windows 7 Ultimate. Apparently our company is somehow involved with the launching – tho I’m not really sure in what way (directly or indirectly) so please don’t ask me about that.


Anyway, after the weekend trip and getting sick for the past two days, I finally managed to reformat my C Drive. I have 3 partitions on my HD, the system file being a C drive where i install some of my software. Important files are in other partitions.

After inserting the DVD, it was easy and fast to click reformat for the C Drive and install Win7. After waiting for a bit (and a few auto-restarts), everything was fully installed. What I was surprised was the driver for my wifi (its a DLink) was auto installed so I could instantly connect to the Internet after changing the WEP settings.


I haven’t installed OpenOffice, Adobe software or games yet but so far so good. Its a lot faster than Vista (esp during startup). I’m using Vista Ultimate in the office but my home rig was previously using Win XP SP3.

Will update more on Windows 7 if i find anything interesting. Any tips for the Win7 newbie? Pls add in the comments :D


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