Presents from Dubai

A friend I met online who is currently working somewhere in dubai suddenly dropped by in KL a few days ago (he’s malaysian) and had to fly off back to his kampung somewhere in kelantan or terengganu (i forgot) the next day. I pesan him to buy me some alcohol :D

He suddenly rang me saying that he was here and so I stopped by on wed afternoon to pick up. Met him at KL Central and we had lunch at Kenny Rogers, its been ages since i ate there :P Had a quarter chicken and he had half.

It was soo sweet of that guy, he actually bought 2 bottles – one Chivas and the other bailey’s. he oso bought a contrieou Cointreau filled chocolate and also a small shisha bottle. :D and he gave it all as a gift :D

Presents from Dubai
Presents from Dubai

Oh…he oso gave me a bit more chocolates..but finished owedi :P was too yummy to resist
Daim…one of my fave chocs

I brought my digicam to uni today to take photos for my multimedia assignment. Took some other un-assignment-related photos :D

Blissful sleep
Sleeping in the car on d way back home

Farhan's New Haircut
Farhan & his new haircut

Farhan and I
Farhan and I


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