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Promote your blog offline

As I was blog hopping, I came across ways to promote your blog offline. One suggestion was to make a business card to promote your name, id and blog. The idea was, in our daily life, we meet so many people and have so much opportunities to promote our blog to them. If you just mention it, they might forget or misspell your blog name. But with a business card, its easier to remember the business card and thus, your URL.

I remember some time ago when I went to Blogger Booze – a bloggers meet in a pub in Hartamas, there was this guy passing out business cards. I thought he was promoting his company or job but it only had his name, nickname and blog URL on it. Well then, come to think of it,why stop at business cards?why not just make address stickers or fliers? Then again, perhaps that is too over the top.

Anyway, i think the blog card is good especially if you are a blogger who often goes to blog meets and gatherings. Then you can pass out your card to the other bloggers there.

Would you ever make a business card for your blog?

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