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Quick update

Wow! I didn’t realize its been almost a week since I last updated about the Speed Racer movie. Well, things have been kinda hectic here.

My parents are away for about a week (Sunday to Thursday) so it has been kinda kelam kabut in the house. I do most of the cleaning. Somehow my sister (this is her own words) “did not see” the 5 plastic bags of rubbish I put outside the door for her to throw away. And my mom gave her the money for groceries and somehow she finished it in 2-3 days.

Also, next week is week free for me for most of my subjects BUT i have to complete all my projects in two weeks so if have problems with it I should be meeting with my lect next week. That means, TWO weeks to complete everything. *sigh*

So yea, wont be able to update as often. But I’ll try :)

On another note, I made chocolate spritz cookies using my new cookie press. Fun and quite nice also. Recipe @ Zestful Eats.


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