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Rambut Pau – a pic :P

rambut pau
My rambut ber-pau :P & my new bracelet

Just sat for my english test. It was harder than i thought and not enuf time. But I managed to get out the earliest. Hehe!
My lecturer siap pesan “Happy Holidays” and i replied “same to you” and she said “get enough sleep ya?”

TIDAKKK!!! are my eyebags & dark circles that obvious?!?! waaaaaa !!!

oh ya…last nite we went to Mosin with farmy, incik amat, sekinchan, put & buxxe. Miss him la, long time didnt meet him. Had a chance to practice my already rusty sarawak malay :P his sarawak slang SOOO pekat. I must hv sounded like that when i first came to KL :P very strong R sound.

p/s: I changed my description at the top. hehe!! “”This blog is an unfair and prejudiced view on life from my personal perspective. All sarcastic comments are intended wholeheartedly *evil grin*. Not for the sensitive, faint hearted or close-minded. Please leave your honest and scathing comments :D”


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