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[RBJ] Christmas Meme

This post is my contribution to the RBJ December 2007 Collaboration.


Christmas is coming! Yey! The shopping malls are filled with Christmas Decorations already. One Utama decorated their Center Court as a huge stage with toy soldiers instead of the usual Santa clauses and reindeers. And they had Christmas trees decorated with baubles of gold and red with white silvery ribbons. I managed to snap a picture (left) when I was there last weekend.

But my favourite shopping mall Christmas decoration is in the Pavillion KL because its sooo romantic with white and gold sparkles all around. The huge Christmas tree in the middle is actually a stage which has several heights for the choir so stand and sing. So so so so nice! I ‘borrowed’ that pic on the right from Wahdi@Blogspot (<–click the link to see more gorgeous pictures).

Oh, back to the Meme. This meme is a RicebowlJournal (RBJ) Collaboration, we’re supposed to answer the following questions about Christmas. Happy reading!

Name 5 favorite Christmas songs?

  • All I want for Christmas Is You by Olivia Olsen- this is my song of the month
  • Silent Night
  • O Come O Ye Faithful
  • Christmas Isn’t Christmas Till it Happens In Your Heart
  • Grownup Christmas List

Name 4 gifts you plan to buy for others.

  • Christmas Cards
  • Small Christmas-themed decorations
  • Christmas cookies
  • Cakes!

Name 3 things you would like for Christmas.

  • A DSLR – In my dreams I guess *sigh*
  • A new, better PC
  • I want everyone to be happy, if not the whole year around, at least during this Christmastime

What 2 places do you plan to be during Christmas?

  • At home, because that’s where the heart is, with family
  • Church on Christmas morning

What is 1 important person, place or thing you love about Christmas?
The most important thing that I love about Christmas is being with the family. It isn’t often that we have the time to sit down properly and catch up on each other’s lives. I miss the kissing, the hugging and the usual “my! How much you’ve grown!” and the pinching of cheeks from relatives.

Sadly, this year we’re not going back to Kuching, Sarawak, where my dad is from so we won’t be seeing our extended relatives and family. But whatever it is, I’m sure we’re in their hearts and prayers, as they are in ours.

Hehe! I know it seems rather early, but Im soo in the Christmas mood already. I even wrote my Christmas cards already and am going to post them some time this week. Hopefully I don’t forget to post them – like I did last year (- _ -; )

Merry Christmas people!


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