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Re-enrollment day at Uni

was supposed to go to collage at 10 am, mom woke me up at 9.30 but i promptly went back to sleep. LOL!

…memories of past haunts…

I had a kind of weird dream after I went back to sleep.

Firstly I was outside this house in a field and it was early morning. The house was white and kind of raised up, it had a porch encircling the house. Really reminds me of those ranches we see in some western movies. That house belonged to one of my best friends, a Malaysian-born-American who went back to the US about a year ago.

I was riding a bicycle with her and her family, just enjoying the morning breeze and the sun rising up when I realize it was getting near to the afternoon and I was supposed to go to collage.

{Scene changed}
Next thing i knew was that i was walking towards my hostel which was actually the Curtin hostel and i saw most of my flat mates and entered my room. My room was messy (as usual) and it looked like i was half packed coz i saw my dark green suitcase opened and lots of clothes and stuff on the floor. Then i suddenly woke up

…management matters…

Went to uni around 1 pm and met Erin, went to register and get my timetable and pay my school fees. Only left at 5pm.

I have a lot of business subjects this semester *cries* because i need it for basics. Im taking economics, accounting, management & law. Mostly reading subjects…and im bad at reading subjects. Not only that, the average time my classes starts are 10 am (but the bus leaves my area at 8am) and all finish at 6pm (but the next bus is at 7.30 pm)…meaning by the time i get back it’ll be 8.30pm or so *wails*.

The only good thing is that Im also taking Web Developing so im looking forward to that.

Classes starts on Monday. *sigh* Im now officially in the last sem of my foundation before continuing towards my Software Programming with Multimedia Degree

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