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Review : Jangan Pandang Belakang

** yea yea, I watched a Malay movie, dont faint. LOL!** tag]

jgn pandang blakang [Picture cilok-ed from CinemaOnline]

I saw Alangz promoting the movie on his status on Yahoo Messenger. So i pon tanya la siapa2 pegi:

alangz: coppp.. most of my friends bukan bloggers tau..
alangz: serindit, cekedess…
me: ada laki lain yg cute2 tak
alangz: delinn blom confirm..
alangz: adaaaaaaaa…….
alangz: hahahhaaa… solo lagi…
alangz: plus me
alangz: hahahaha
me: u manade solo dah :P
me: hsemate u dtg?
alangz: datang
alangz: and my friends.. 4 org yang solo
me: cute tak?
me: tak cute tamo pegi
alangz: cute…
alangz: hehee… well.. ada 6 org solo.. leh pilihhhh

So with that i decided to pegi tgk that movie :P anyway dah lama tak jumpa serindit ngan cekedess alangz tu dah byk sgt kali jumpa..bosan dah. So i drove down to Mines, got lost a bit reaching that area (its the first time I’ve been to Mines) met up with didit, alangz and his friends. After the movie we went to lepak at a nearby shop, eating and chit chatting.

From top left (clockwise) : Bontot2, group pic, pinggan alangz yg dijilat bersih, Alangz & Coco (jgn jeles ek zure) :P

How was the movie? Honestly, i almost never watch Malay movies in the cinema (I guess this is the third after Baik Punya Cilok and Cicakman) because they suck tend to have many things lacking.

JPB actually has a good and interesting storyline but for some reason, the ‘ghost’ looked more hilarious than scary. Of course there was a lot of use of scary music and haunting scream sound effects.

However thecinematography (cewah i sound like a filming expert) was pretty expected – showing a doorway in the background where something suddenly passes by, the presence of a long-haired thing in the elevator and the over-the-shoulder shot showing a ]ghost crawling on the ground.

Oh and certain scenes of the ghost floating, u can actually see a string :P lol!

[Rating : 1 out of 5 stars]

p/s: Alangz, tak cute pon kawan2 u :P


  • Alangz

    Perghhh.. bahaya lah chat ngan coco nie.. habis dia copy and paste bulat-bulat.. hahhaha…. :evil:

    Tak cute ek?.. (dittt.. dia kata ko tak cute dit.. muakakaka)… alaa coco.. yang tak join kita minum2 tuh.. another 4guys tuh.. tak sempat nak kenalkan kat U… ramai sangat orang hari tuh lahh….

    Anyway.. thanks 4 coming..

    Ayooo.. rating 1 out of 5 ekk?… (tu bab yang seram.. yang gelak2 tuh.. tinggi rating dia kot… muakakaka)

    *still gelak golek2 lah tengok respon orang yang takut hantu tuh.. muakakakkakakakaaa

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