Review : Ratatouille

My free ticket to the screening



Rat….err…forget it…it’s that tikus cartoon

Millions of different and confusing ways to pronounce and spell it. According to the poster it’s pronounced rat-a-too-ee.

Thanks to Cass, Taufie, Pam & I got free tickets to watch the screening of Ratatouille before it opens in (Malaysian) cinemas on 16th August. The screening was at Cinema 9 in Cineleisure (have I mentioned how i like to watch movies there?) at 9.30 pm last night.

Synopsis :“Ratatouille” is about a lovable rat – Remy – who constantly risks his life in an expensive French restaurant because of his love for good food, as well as a burning desire to become a gourmet chef. Obviously, this is rather far-fetched for a rat but opportunity knocks when a young boy, who desperately needs to keep his job at the restaurant despite not being able to cook to save his life, makes Remy a partner. The two of them learn to avoid the insane head chef, bring the rest of Remy’s family up to his culinary standards, win the boy a girlfriend, and of course, produce the finest ratatouille in all of France!

First up, the technical, artsy-fartsy, high class-ish stuff. The animation in this movie was superb – typical to Pixar’s long running success in animation movies. I liked the short clip they showed before the movie – about a noobie alien learning to teleport a human into a spaceship- simply hilarious. The scenes were all very detailed and the camera angles really gave the viewers the experience of looking at the world from a lower point of view (since the main characters were mostly rats).

Storywise its an entertaining show which got the audience laughing at some really funny scenes and also makes you really want to root for poor Linguine who is constantly bullied. The story is about how Remy was different from the other rats and had to lie and pretend to be accepted by his colony (i didnt know colony was used for rats..i tot it was used for ants only :P).

ratatouille2As in all Disney movies, there are always some kind of tearful conflict and disappointment but in the end, all is good. The bad guys lose and the good guys triumph. All in all, this movie was an enjoyable experience with no boring parts.

Rating : (*)(*)(*) out of 5 stars


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