Review : The Seeker

the seeker When Ariff said we were watching the seekers movie I was like “huh? seekers? that malay series looking for ghosts?” Apparently its this new movie called The Seeker : The Dark is Rising. According to the sypnosis, it “is the first film adaptation of the Susan Cooper’s acclaimed novel “The Dark Is Rising”. The film tells the story of Will Stanton, a young man who learns he is the last of a group of warriors who have dedicated their lives to fighting the forces of the Dark. Travelling back and forth through time, Will discovers a series of clues which lead him into a showdown with forces of unimaginable power. With the Dark once again rising, the future of the world rests in Will’s hands.”

Basically this movie is about the forces of good and evil fighting and their hero is a young boy who is suddenly given a huge role in which he knows nothing about. I love the setting of the movie, its like in a small village in england with huge manors, little cottages and snow. But i hated the angles, some of it was messy to the point that one or two shots were terbalik. The storyline was also too simple and predictable – light vs dark, time travelling, boy meets girl and falls in love with her, two funny twins in the family (for comic relief), guardian/mentor who doubts that the hero is the right person but is eventually supportive.

Rating : (*)(*) – I wouldn’t recommend watching this movie in the cinema, go grab a dvd or something

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