.: Review :. The Da Vinci Code

I actually finished reading this book a week ago but forgot to write a short review of it. One warning before reading tho…..please keep in mind that Dan Browns book is FICTION and presents ideas that goes against the Christian belief. Meaning from a Christian point of view, this book is utterly, absolutly wrong and blasphemic.

However, that said, this book is hard to put down. You’ll want to continue reading as every page brings a new turn of events. It’s 575 pages – roughly2.5 inches thick – but i got so engrossed in it that I read it in roughly 2days..seriously. I devour books like I drink water….hehehe

Brief sypnosis : This prof Robert Langdon wuz called to help in a murder investigation. Then he teamed up with a French cryptologist (something about figuring out codes, symbols and stuff), Sophie Neveu. Together they have to solve the crime – who, why, what – as soon as possible before things get worse

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