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I downloaded the movie The Forgotten from Suprnova using bittorrent. Took me about 2 days coz i couldnt leave my pc on 24/7. Anyway, it’s coming out today in Malaysian cinemas but I watched it a week ago. Ahh..the wonders of the internet. LOL!! So here’s a short review.

Online Review
In this sci-fi thriller, Julianne Moore plays Telly Paretta, a distraught woman who could not believe that her nine year old son, Sam had died in a plane crash 14 months ago. Telly Paretta could not accept the explanation given by her husband Jim (Anthony Edwards) and her psychiatrist, Dr. Munce (Gary Sinise) that her son did not exist. Their plain, simple answer was that she suffered a miscarriage and she had been delusional since then and had been fabricating memories of her imaginary son. They explained that she was suffering from amenesia brought on by post-traumatic stress.

Unsatisfied with the explanation, Telly Paretta began looking for evidence of Sam’s existence. She searched for photos, videos and scrapbooks. However much to her astonishment, everything had vanished. She was going mad and hysterical until she met Ash Correll (Dominic West), a retired hockey player who lost his daughter, Lauren in the same plane crash.

However, Ash did not remember his daughter and she had to make him remember. To add to their confusion, some people are after them even though they have no idea why.

So are they 2 mad lunatics or did they really have a son and a daughter?

My Review
I found this movie interesting with its twists and turns. Julienne Moore portrays the emotion & love between mother & child very well. A little bit boring at times. Suspenceful (sp?) at certain parts but I really found the ending lame. And, to me, a lame ending pulls the whole rating of the show down.

My verdict: Pretty ok movie…mayb give it a 5.5 out of 10. Should be interesting for sci-fi buffs tho :P

{Kak Wynn: dah clear? sorry i tergopoh gapah masa copy paste nie…pastu ada benda hilang. LOL}

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