Review : The Simpsons Movie

 ** no spoilers **

simpsons movie poster I went to watch this movie with A, Gladz & FarZ at Cineleisure on Friday night Saturday morning. Wanted to go at 9.20pm on Friday night but A couldn’t make it out that early so we took a much much later show at 1.20am. I can almost hear you say “Biar betul?!?!

Yes ladies and gentleman, unlike Cineleisure has movies until 1.20am (and is probably the first cinema to offer that in Malaysia – correct me if I’m wrong but if im not mistaken TGV and GSC only has movies till midnight).

Synopsis from : While a ‘Save-The-Environment’ campaign sweeps Springfield and Lisa Simpson rallies support for the campaign, her father, Homer, mistakenly dumps wastes into the town’s river. This sets a lynch mob after Homer and his family and they are forced to flee to Alaska. Meanwhile, the US government carries out a radical plan to contain the town – and it is up to the Simpsons to come to the town’s rescue.

After many, many, many years of being on the small screen The Simpsons finally made it to the big screen. I know many2 people who were waiting for the show since last year when the trailer was first released.

If you grew up watching the Simpsons you’d notice that the storyline is much like another Simpsons episode but in a grander fuller scale. We have the usual doofus Homer, his loving wife Marge, Lisa – the sensible, serious one, Bart – the joker and Maggie the adorable baby who is smarter than she looks and how the 5 of them handle the situation in their own unique way.

If you’re looking for a movie in which you just want to enjoy and relax and laugh. Then go watch this movie.

Rating : (*)(*)(*)(*) of 5 stars


p/s: This goes out to that irritating couple sitting in seat B13+14 in Cinema 6 on Sat morning : Oh for goodness sake, if you go and watch the movie, please do not READ OUT EVERY BLOODY SIGN on the screen. Other people can read also okay. Damn annoying weh!


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