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Rumour : Beyonce’s concert in Malaysia cancelled? (Update: Postponed!)

There’s rumours going around in Twitter that Beyonce’s Malaysian concert on October 25th, 2009 might be cancelled. She cancelled her planned concert in 2007 following protest threats by Malaysia’s opposition Islamic party (source).

Most people heard it from someone (an unidentified source, of course) that the Maxis Marketing Manager said it might be cancelled and most likely to be announced tomorrow.

Also, on her site there’s no event listing of her Malaysian concert. Hurm..

Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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I personally would be pissed if its cancelled because I turned down an accommodation sponsored trip to a resort in Redang for 4 days 3 nights to review an event & the resort. :'(

Update I :  6.15pm 19 October
A tweet from maxis’s official twitter account @maxiscomms has stated that Beyonce’s Concert is not cancelled but postponed. Below is the tweet. Am still waiting for an official statement tho.

beyonce Malaysia concert postponed not cancelled

Update IIIts CONFIRMED. Beyonce’s concert has been officially postponed. Read more HERE.


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