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Saturday fun

Starbucks Mango Frapp me at starbucks Starbucks after hours Oh before saturday, Pammy and I was at starbucks Ikano for 2 nights in a row, wed and thursday because she had to do her work. We went there around 10.30-ish then hang around there until it closed. Borak2 with Khad who’s working there after he finished work.

And of course, took some pics :D

Last saturday I went for a girls day out with Aree and Erin at Sunway Piramid. Its been ages since we all went out together-gether. Aree told me it was at 3pm but due to transport problems, only reached there at 3.30pm or so. Aree told erin that it was 2pm so she came much earlier. Poor girl had to wait for solong. Aree herself came at 4-something-pm coz she was stuck at her apartment in cyberia due to the malfunction of the electronic gate. It was the first time i saw aree with her new big hair and I think it suits her really well.


Had a late and heavy lunch at Dave’s Deli. Aree had potato salad and spaghetti alfredo, erin had a potato salad coz she ate already. And i had a quarter chicken set with a side order of mac and cheese and ice lemon tea (RM18). The potato salad is yummylicious with not too much mayonaise and best of all, it had crunchy bacon strips. Downside: too small portion. The alfredo sauce for the spaghetti is slightly more watery that I’d like but it tasted good with none of that overwhelming cheese taste.

My chicken tasted..just like chicken :P but there was too much sauce and the sauce was slightly salty. The coleslaw was ok (but i dont really eat coleslaw so I gave it to erin and aree) and the mashed potatoes was too little and was practically drowning in the sauce (which they gave too much of). The mac and cheese (pic on bottom right) was boiled macaroni mixed with the alfredo sauce and sprinkled with some grated cheese.

Verdict: For chicken, better eat at Kenny Sia Rogers. For spaghetti alfredo, Hartamas Square is still the best. Potato salad is tops.

hawt chicks aree babe Mac and cheese

After that we went to jalan jalan around sunway, went to FOS to try out some tops and the 2 gals bought some really gorgeous tops. Nothing really caught my fancy so I didnt get anything. Juz walked around browsing. Oh, i bumped into Cassandra who was with a friend and teased her about how she was supposed to be “busy” studying for her last paper on the 1st of June look who’s talking. lol!.


From sunway we decided to drop by the The Curve’s flea market. We were kinda late,it was after 9pm when we reached. Some of the shops were closed or closing by that time but we still had enough time to browse around (i think someone bought some jewellery) and i noticed Cineleisure was opened. but looks kinda empty inside tho there was some people walking in and out.

After that we went to hartamas coz I was supposed to meet up with some chatters. It was rainign cats and dogs, and we had to walk thru the rain and was drenched coz there was no parking near hartamas square.

Aree & ally
Aree & Ally comparing boobs size

I had this assumption we were meeting up with 4-5 people, namely joe, farah, rei, faiz & evelyn. Little did i know there was a huge bunch of people (joe invited everyone he knew) and we ended up being almost 20 people – 10 of which i didnt even talk to. Farah came with 5 other ppl, including Ally, Is and fren, i brought erin & aree, dakwan & mato turned up, evie brought her cute bf & her sis, and the rest were joe’s friends. we (the people I knew) had a lot of fun talking and laughing until tekak kering

We were noisy, teasing most of the time, snapping pics (smua cam whore), making jokes about people, checking out the hot guys and girls, screaming at each other over the noise of the rain, buat-buat tak dengar when someone talks to us, comparing boobs sizes, comparing which chatter was the ugliest and laughing mcm org gila tak ingat dunia. if you were at hartamas, and there was this big group of orang gilas, yep, its Us. :P

Joe’s fren, Jeng, sent me back home (thank you jeng) when we all decided to go back at 3am. I was kinda dissapointed it was so early – coz when i go out i tak pandai balik before subuh, but everyone wanted to go back so takpe lah.
On another note, I MIGHT be changing my blog address soon :P


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