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Search For The perfect Theme

What again? Yea, I’m thinking of changing this theme – again. Looking for the perfect theme is like looking for a soulmate. Haha! I’m serious! It has to be the right colour, the right size, right images and most of all right feel for the blog. So yea, dont be surprised to see weird changes and what not.

Come to think of it, I don’t really like the sidebars on either side of the main window. Looks like too much text in one place. I think I still like my previous one with the sidebar on the right side. Im thinking of putting all my links in a separate page instead of at the side bar, kinda cluttered looking don’t you think?

Oh yea, Jai from Blog Oh! Blog is offering a lucky draw for a custom-made theme. Great way to start of blogging in 2008 yea? *crosses fingers in hopes of winning*

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