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Seremban Trip


It was the first time for me to take the komuter at such a late hour and for such a long distance. I went to the Sg Buluh KTM station which is just 10 mins from my house at 9.30pm on thursday night. Not only did I just missed the train so I had to wait another 30 minutes, but I also took the wrong train and ended up in Kuang (the opposite way) then had to stop and wait for another 30 minutes for the very last train from Rawang – Seremban. All for the sake of Angah.

Finally reached Seremban at 12.30am Friday morning and met up with a chatter who picked me up from the station and brought me out to makan, then sent me to the hotel. I stayed at Carlton Star hotel, next to the bus terminal. The rates are pretty okay, less than rm100 and the rooms are quite big for that price.

Bunga Telo….

I told Abg Nazz (my abg angkat bukan scandal yer delinn who was in Seremban for 2 mths due to work) that i’d be there on friday afternoon. Spent the whole train ride sms-ing him, koreking information on how to get to the hotel, which room number he was in. Knocked on his door and he was shocked speechless. Haha! Managed to get a room for that night and spent most of the night catching up, borak2.

On friday walked around Seremban town area, when to the Terminal 1 “shopping mall” to look for a present to bring to pass to the bride & groom. Plates? Leceh to bring. Curtains? Don’t know what colour to get. Bedsheets? Yeaa good idea. So we got a bedsheet set :)

On Sat we took a cab to Senawang (where her house was). Came a bit late (coz i actually overslept..hehe..bestnye tido dlm selimut and pasang aircon). The rendang was nice, everything else was just okay. Quite a lot of taggers came. [PICS HERE!] I didnt take pics coz there was just too many cameras so i malas :P better to kejar other ppl for pictures then for me to be kejar-ed for pics :P

As usual, gossip2 and borak2 till all the food and plates and chairs were cleared (tak pandai nak balik2 gi) then Par @ Xmen sent abg nazz & I back to seremban some time in the evening.

So that ends my Seremban trip :P and congradulations to Angah & Wan :)


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