Sexy Red Bra?

Guys, what colour bra do you like? Do you think a red bra is sexy? Or is black sexier? I know *someone* who likes transparent sheer bras. LOL! So anyway, why am I talking about bras?

I was in Jusco Sunway the other day to buy my CNY baju and wanted to buy some bras as well. Then I saw this really nice red bra but when I went nearer it looked so WEIRD. I added the picture in the spoiler.


red sexy bra


They had the clasp in the front and at the back. Isnt tat weird? The pattern is kinda nice but that front “clasp” totally spoiled it lah. What the hell is it for anyway? The back part is of course to open it. I think the front is to push the boobs together to make the cleavage deeper or something.

Weird designs bra makers come up with nowadays.

p/s: I ended up not buying a bra :(

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