Shisha Experiment Part II

After our failed shisha Experiment Part 1 on my shisha bottle (it was a bit too small and we werent too sure on how to use it) last month, we decided to try again with Pam’s new shisha bottle which was bigger. {Plus pam was feeling uber annoyed at someone so she wanted to release tension} So we prepared all the utensils and charcoal and stuff.

Pam was in charged of preparing the “shisha stove” by putting flavours inside it and covering it with a piece of foil paper and pricking small holes in it. My job was to start burning the charcoal on the stove. I need to get a proper wire mesh thingy to put over the stove instead of juz putting it straight on top. But we made do with what we had at that moment.

After that we put the charcoal on top of the foil paper and started sucking the hose (that doesnt sound too right) till we could taste some flavour and there was a considerable amount of smoke. Our first attempt was Okay for Pam’s bottle but we didnt put enough flavour so it was rather bland but we were happy coz we managed to get it working. We gave up on my bottle coz it didnt work.
On our second attempt we put the flavour from the small one which was wasnt really burnt and also gathered some bits from the bigger one that wasnt burnt and tried to see whether there was a different taste. It came out too “keras” meaning that it stung the throat and had this bitter taste. Not a good idea. By that time I had this urge to drink so I had a glass of Baileys+Coke. Hmm…tastes juz like cokefloat :P

Our third attempt, we used iced water in the bottle to test out the results. It produced a nice cooling effect (like menthol). We would use iced water again the next time. The fourth attempt was the most perfect one with the best amount of flavour and very smooth. I only had one flavour – grape – so we were pretty bored with it by then :P Nevertheless our experiment was a succes.
So after 4 rounds of shisha and 3 glassed of Baileys+Coke (juz for me of course coz pam doesnt drink), we played around with the camera. Because, what is an outing or activity with Pam if it doesnt have the “cam-whoring session”? Enjoy the pics :D


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