shopping sakan

I’ve been really lucky this month to have come across extra cash – no i didnt beg, borrow or steal. So apa lagi?

Shopping!! :P

And I also had to reload my phone, i used RM25 in about a week or so juz making phone calls and what not. I decided that if I have too much credit, I have a tendency to overuse it, so now I juz reload it RM10 at a time instead of a bulk of RM30 :P and I sms more now, and if I need to call, I usually use my 013 which is usually much cheaper for some reason.

Oh, back to my shopping spree, I bought hair dye for RM30, am thinking of dying my hair dark purple…like how it was before when I was in Miri. Reloaded both my phones = RM 20.

On the way from the monorail to KL Central, I passed by this shop that sells earrings at 5 for RM10 – which is really cheap, other shops sell it at 3-4 for rm10. I keep passing that shop for a few weeks now and finally got to buy it :D Plus I also had a Flavour Burst in Butter Pecan (RM2) which is yummylicious and sweet like caramel – available at KL Central Mc Dessert booth, near the exit to monorail, the main McD doesn’t have it unfortunately.

This afternoonI went to Curve’s Flea Market, it happens every Sunday till around 5pm. They sell really cheap stuff there, jewelry, clothes, misc stuff. And so I also bought two charm bracelets for RM10 each. One is a a white “crystal” and silver bracelet because I don’t have something like that. And the other is yet another purple charm bracelet – now I have 4 purple bracelets (two of which were given by Put & Mel).

Then Im now in starbucks, writing this post (the internet connection here is bad today) – only had a small iced mocha (as usual la kan) = RM 11. Oh yea and I had lunch at idaman with Pam and i belanja-ed her = RM11.

The grand total of my weeks spending (not including transport coz my parents reload my Touch and Go) = RM94 :P but at least I havent even touched my allowance for this month so Im kinda safe. Thats the problem about holding too much cash. LOL!

Oh, I realized that my readers have declined :( must be my irregular postings and lack of interesting material :P Busy lahhh….got exams end of this month, then its holidays…yippie!!

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