Sleeping my days away

Now that i’m back in KL, it’s back to my daily boring life…….wake up, shower, eat, go online, eat, sleep. The highlights of my day is going online and seeing frens online.

Oh yeah….my fren’s Pajero juz got stolen while they were out clubbing. Lola in Miri called me up juz to tell me. Anyway, hope they do find it.

I havent been watching a lot of movies lately but i plan to watch “The Village” this weekend wif my sis. The lastest movie i watched in d cinema wuz Troy & Harry Potter i think….sad isnt it?? Well, come to think of it, i did watch this Thai “supposedly” scary movie which wuz totally lousy…so it doesnt count. But d latest vcd I watched wuz “30 hari Mencari Cinta”, amusing indonesian story. Hehe!!

Currently busy downloading Full Moon wo Sagashite – a Jap anime which i only watched till episode 38 (there’s 52 altogether). but still taking ages…..its been like 3 days on and off & its only halfway done. Also downloading 50 First Dates & Girl Next Door…but dats prolly going to take another week or so. *sigh*

im bored!!!!!

Interesting Websites

http://www.evenstarr.com/ – Local band from Kuching. Plays great songs

http://isla16.blogspot.com/ – another fren’s blog. Her first :)

http://www.fiendster.com/ – Parody for Friendster.com

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