Slippery Senoritas @ Curve

Was sleeping the whole day yesterday. Soo tired out from the last few weeks. Got quite a lot of SMSes actually (sorry eL, lambat reply). Pam came over about 9am (i think) and i groggily opened the door for her to use my PC to do work before goin back to bed..and waking up to open the door for her and continue tido.

Finally woke up at 8pm and Pam sms ajak kuar makan. So we (Pam, Glad, Fan & myself) decided to go down to Hartamas Square – i missed the pasta there – to makan. Pam had some mee, I had salmon spaghetti….punya main sedap :P, gladys had dim sum – her first taste of halal dimsum – and fan had some chicken thingy lah wif rice.

After that, we decided to go for some drinks at Slippery Senoritas at the Curve. {*iklan* Laundry bar and Italiannies oredi opened at the Curve la..should go one day} There was hardly anyone, so we had a good time talking and playing pool.The cocktails there weren’t so fantastic…it was ok la..price was ranging from RM20-30, depending on the drinks. Pretty standard I guess.

Before that, we stopped by at Fan’s place in Pelangi Dsara 2 for a while and his housemate got a new kitten called Angie. Soooooo cute


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