slow laptop & php course

Yesterday, I thought it was kinda weird why it took ages for me to open programs -even Microsoft Word and Firefox. Then I took a peek at the specs. Notice the ram? Less than 200MB RAM. I dont even dare to open lots of tabs or programs.

Its not my laptop (thank god!). Its a borrowed laptop from the place where I’m taking my course. they have wifi here too! I brought my laptop today but we were not in the same room as yesterday, in fact, we’re on a totally different floor so no wifi. boo :(

I slept kinda early last nite, around 10pm because Im taking the LRT to and from KLCC starting today. Have to leave the house by 6.30am grrrr….I’m really not a morning person. And I still feel sleepy now :( Can’t wait for lunch!

Oh oh, i got my project title for my PHP course already. Looks kinda simple concept but the coding is going to be a bit tough I think. *dies* Ok la…time to go back to work

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