So Tired

Omg, im SO tired~! Slept early yesterday, from 4pm till around 3 am. Haha! Fitful 11 hours sleep with no interruptions. Then of course couldn’t sleep until now. However, I’ve been busy the whole day packing. Oh no! Not another move?

Nope, just a lot of furniture moving. Carrying furniture upstairs and downstairs. My parents decided that they wanted to change the layout of my room because my corner table from Ikea was taking up too much space and I agreed with them. We then began the very tedious process.

First I had to pack up all my stuff and throw out things I don’t need. My mom made me throw out a lot of stuff. She called me a hoarder. LOL! Well I kinda am. Sayang la to throw anything away, who knows they might be useful one day (but that day seldom comes). Then we had to dismantle the table and mop and wipe away the 5 inches of dust collected underneath all the furniture. Then carry the furniture upstairs (my room is downstairs) and carry the furniture from upstairs down.

Anyway, this is how my room looked before, a lil cramped:

And this is how my room looks like now – but i still have to rearrange my stuff on the shelves.

Sooo tired! Im goinna have an early nite tonite.

If the ‘before’ pics look familiar, they’re actually from the "Spot the difference" post – about one year ago.

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