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Sorry, I’m not working

Did you realize that when you go to any Petronas petrol station there is always someone who will approach you asking you if you want to sign up for credit cards that offer a rebate on your petrol.

Once this guy approached me and I just brushed him off by saying, “Sorry, I’m not working yet. I’m just a student.” However, just 5 seconds after that I whipped out my supplementary card (that is under my mom’s credit card) and proceeded to fill my car with petrol.

Needless to say, the salesman was standing behind me and giving me the ‘evil eye’ and glaring. I didn’t bother to explain though. Oh well, at least I’m not lying.


  • Ashrufzz

    Wow! Your mother gave you a supplementary card? I wish I had one when I was a student.

    I wonder why only Maybank Petronas people are promoting? Where’s CIMB people?

  • IcedNyior

    The supp card is only for filling in petrol. Coz its kinda hard to keep track of filling in petrol if using cash.

    Plus my parents probably like the fact that I cant lie about where I’ve been (coz the list of petrol stations are very detailed). Hehe

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